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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

today, we who are privelleged(me,wara hanisah & vibha)were amongst the first few hundred in singapore,and the world presumably, to watch the sneak preview of the much anticipated PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD'S END!

This show is AWESOME!

Besides 'witty jack' , orlando bloom is undoubtedly the STAR of the show!


I almost cried when will got stabbed in the end!
but of course, he came back, suave as ever, especially with the bandana tied around his forehead!
FUCKING HOT can?!?!?!?

Can't wait to get that fantastic photo of him in the last few scenes! major hottie!

And i am SO watching this show again....hopefully on the 4K Digital Screen at GV Vivocity,by next week!
dammit, now i'm already impatient to get my hands on the dvd!

once again, my favourite man for 23/05/2007


fai grooved* 6:59 AM

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

spineless self-centered faggothead!

only talk to me when u want to ask me something!
and then, either u pretend to be interested in my life or fill me in with unneccessary details about yours;just to prolong the conversation,and make it seem like we're actually friends.

i curse the day i met you.
no wait!
i must've taken leave of my senses to have ever liked you.

and i am NOT in self-denial.

pirates tmr! absolute joy!!!wheeeee!
and i'm officially the proud owner of 5 out of 6 books by judith mcnaught (the historical romance set)!
life couldn't get peachier.
no really.

fai grooved* 8:31 AM

Friday, May 18, 2007

i miss mama after 4 days of being motherless.amazing fact!
i actually MISS her nagging at me...that indescribable quality about her voice.
i must be going mad with boredom.

nothing majorly exciting has happened in my life so far.
everything is pretty much rountined.
i'll be resuming work after a weeks' break, on the 28th,at L12(my former dept).

somehow im excited for uni to begin....coz it'll end this perpetual boredom and sense of uselessness i've felt for the past 5 months.
i miss school!the madness,the stress,the hectic lifestyle plus the teachers who make bitching and sleeping totally justifiable!
i guess the prospect of being thrown into an unfamiliar surrounding and meeting new people and facing new challenges does sound exciting.heck that! anything is more exciting than the mundane working lifestyle i currently go through.

i've watched and re-watched millions of movies and yet, my boredom cannot be cured.
i've gone out so much i've lost track of how much i've been spening, but yet...this boredom is unbanishable!!
i've read many novels...lazed in bed for hours at a go...


i want something magical to happen.soon.

oh!! i got tix for the sneak preview of the final pirates installment in the trilogy!
this wednesday,3pm, vivocity!!! me and the other 3 lovelies. (=

only thing worth looking forward to.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i finally found the lyrics to naseny el donia!!lovelove (=
naseny el donia naseny el alam
dawebny habiby w sebny aolak ahla kalam
law alef el donia law alef el alam
mosh momken zay gharamak enta alaey gharam
law aolak eny bahebak
el hob showaya aleek
law sanya ana babead anak
bargaa moshtaa leaneak
domny khaleek wayaya
dawebny we doob fi hawaya
taala neash agmal ayam
kan agmal yom fi hayaty
yom ma abltak ya hayaty
ma edertesh athamel min gheer ma afakar lahza
laeatny badoob fi hawak
khadtny min kol elnas easht fi agmal ehsas
we nseet ya habiby eldonia maak
law aolak eny bahebak
el hob showaya aleek
law sanya ana babead anak
bargaa moshtaa leaneak
domny khaleek wayaya
dawebny we doob fi hawaya
taala neash agmal ayam
law aolak
ana shaylak gowa enya wa el donia di shahda alaya
ana ganbak wa bahebak
mosh momken aadar ana ya habiby ansak
batmana el omr yetool wafdal ahebak ala tool
da ana yama helemt akon wayak
law aolak eny bahebak
el hob showaya aleek
law sanya ana babead anak
bargaa moshtaa leaneak
domny khaleek wayaya
dawebny we doob fi hawaya
taala neash agmal ayam
and in a language we can ALL understand:
Make me forget the world, make me forget the people
Melt me my darling, and let me tell you sweet words
If I go around the world, if I go around the people
There is no possiblity to find love like yours
If I tell you that I love you
Love is just to less for you
If I take a minute away from you
I return in the need to see your eyes
Hug me, be mine Melt me and melt in my love
Come and we?ll live the nicest days
If I tell you that I love you
Love is just too little for you
If I take a minute away from you
I return in the need to see your eyes
Hug me, be mine Melt me and melt in my love
Come and we?ll live the nicest days I
t was the nicest day of my life
When I met you, my life I couldn't take it, if I didn't think of you for one moment,
I found myself in your love
You took me from all the people, to live the most beautiful feeling
And, my darling, make me forget the world with you
If I tell you that I love you
Love is just to less for you
If I take a minute away from you
I return in the need to see your eyes
Hug me, be mine
Melt me and melt in my love
Come and we'll live the nicest days
I hold you in my eyes, and the world is upon you
I am next to you and I love you
It's not possible for me, my darling, to forget you
I hope my life will be,
To love you forever
I dream to be forever yours .
sweets lyrics!! with weird english at some points-probably due to the lateral arabic-english translation done by the website....
ok so tmr is the manual dexterity test day.im a bit nervous.
my hand movements and eyes BETTER be coordinated properly.that would mean i need sufficient sleep so that i can reach NUS at 8am.
hell...that'll mean waking up at 5am.this.sucks.

fai grooved* 4:33 AM

Sunday, April 22, 2007

friday: daniel's last day at IRAS.
we girls gave him a ROYAL leaving 'celebration'.
we even gave him a bear hug.
and says dan: "that was the most female attn i've ever received in my LIFE"

aww....well u deserve it for buying us all ferrero rocher and giving us each a personalized note and being sucha gentleman the whole time working there! we'll miss youuuuu!!

so after work, vibha was too distraught by dan's departure to join us for dinner.

woohkay! so me aysha and monyet went to have murtabak at arab st.

btw, somebody by the name of syam/sham/shyam gave aysha his number...in hopes of getting to 'berkenalan' with her! maha funny!!

so after stuffing our tummies...we left for the real bhai teh tarik stall.there, once again hanisah was reunited with her fellow cats.she kept jerking and shaking the table everytime she THOUGHT she spotted a cat in close proximity.hehehe.....ur damn entertaining!

then...we explored arab st and i finally 'found' al-majlis! ahahha!!
the belly chains aka 'ching-chings' are super over-priced..like 55 bucks or more! madness!
ooh...and i bought nancy ajram's cd!!! yayyyy! couldn't find elissa's cd thou' =(

and im officially in LOVE with nasseny el donia by ragheb alama!
it is FUCKING nice to listen to!! i have it on repeat on youtube now!!!

and NUS admin is farked up! they obviously do NOT know the difference in meaning of first choice and second choice!ARGHHHHHHH!!!

im gg to think positively...since everything supposedly happens for a reason.

fai grooved* 3:27 AM

Thursday, April 19, 2007


i hate fate.
i hate destiny.
i hate uncertainty.
i hate being used.
i hate the WORLD!

coz the world HATES me!

fai grooved* 3:59 AM

Saturday, April 14, 2007

my life seemed normal up till 5.15pm today.
it still is normal.
its just that i'm in a very very very confused state.

i was already trying to come to terms with not getting shortlisted for medicine,when suddenly i find myself getting shortlisted for dentistry!
opened the letter from NUS after coming home from tuition,and voila!
"we are pleased to inform you that you have been shortlisted for the Dentistry course this year..."
i almost cried with joy!ok im getting a chance to become a doctor here! yippeee!!!!

after 5 mins of pure unadulterated joy and bliss,i suddenly began thinking why i can't qualify for medicine?! if dentistry is more competitive than medicine, how come i got shortlisted for it?
meaning i was almost gd enuf for med....sighs.

ok GENERAL PAPER iS the official bitch of the century.yes.
being a dentist is definitely very specialised....am i really into it?
the first 2 years will be spent with other medical students... only in yr3 n 4 then i'll branch away from them.
ok...i wanna become a doctor.
i AM happy!! thrilled!
now time for alot of research and telling my silly self that this is THE golden opportunity for me to become a doctor...no matter what kind of speciality it is!

god help me.im CONFUSED LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS AND ONLY YOU CAN TELL ME WHY!why im not a peace despite having every reason to be at peace.

fai grooved* 4:08 AM

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